At Grupo, Rotoplas we have transformed our business model, migrating from a model of product marketing to a mixed approach that prioritizes the added value of service in our water and sanitation solutions.


Given the unequal distribution of water, the underutilization of wastewater, and the lack of appreciation of the water resource, as well as the remarkable incidence of global warming on water safety, we are facing large-scale problems that challenge our capacity to innovate and offer solutions to deal with these issues.

Aware of the challenge to recycle wastewater, we continue to strengthen the offer of solutions through Sytesa to cross borders and meet the needs of other markets. Likewise, we continue to favor innovative technologies, such as the Plasma Water Sanitation System (PWSS) developed by AIC, as well as residential wastewater treatment technologies developed by Sanzfield. In addition to working on developing and upgrading them, we know that part of the challenge lies in revolutionizing the way in which society and the authorities perceive wastewater and foster the value of this resource.

On the other hand, we believe there must be an intrinsic connection between water and sanitation needs and the solutions that make up our portfolio. We are convinced that our clients and users play a key role in identifying those needs; thus, we are constantly bolstering the mechanisms that can enable them to voice these needs so we can collaborate with them in designing, improving, and creating new solutions.

At Grupo Rotoplas, innovation in terms of solutions, operations, and business models has become our hallmark. We strive to merge our innovation and sustainability models to bring to life solutions with positive impacts in economic, social, and environmental terms, and build, together with each of our collaborators, an increasingly more sustainable society, committed with the future generations.